DIVa™ Attribution


Welcome to The Ike Group’s Designated Ike Variety attribution, or DIVa™!  Here you will find a listing of all Eisenhower dollars that the Ike Group considers collectable.


The DIVa™ Vision

The intent and vision of DIVa™ is to be a collector-focused system that aids in identification of Eisenhower dollar varieties that can be understood and meaningful to beginning, intermediate, and advanced collectors alike.  Some DIVa’s are readily found in dealer’s stock or pictured on eBay, while others are well noted and command huge premiums in price due to previous notoriety in the collecting community.  Regardless of the fame factor (or lack thereof), we have included all the Eisenhower dollars we feel are unique and worthy of collection.


What qualifies an Eisenhower Dollar as a DIVa™?

To qualify as a DIVa™, an Eisenhower dollar must exhibit a die variation in the as-struck condition differing from the majority design as found within that issue/strike, which is visible within the range of naked eye through 15x magnification via a hand-held pocket loupe. Some pick up points are very blatant and obvious.  Others will indeed require some magnification to confirm.


DIVa™ Numbering and Categories

Each DIVa™ is denoted by a 5 or 6 character letter/number code divided into two sections (#X#-###) .  The first section will denote the year, type of strike, and any subsequent type designation.  For example, a 1971-D Type 1 (FEV) will have the first half of it’s DIVa™ number as “1D1”

The second half of the DIVa™ number will primarily be a 3-digit number based on a specific DIVa™ category.  In a few minor cases there will be variations of each category within a specific DIVa™ number, and those will be denoted by a .#/a (decimal point/number/small letter).  The 3-digit number categories are as follows:

  • 100: base coin
  • 200: peg leg
  • 300: double dies
  • 400: clashes, gouges, strike- through, hub-through, cud, die cracks
  • 500: RPM and other MM varieties
  • 600: other design varieties or mismatched die pairings
  • 700: Planchet error
  • 800: other errors
  • 900: open

Example: A peg-leg FEV is catalogued as “1D1-201”.

Realizing that the Eisenhower dollar series is relatively untapped for the majority of varieties to date, The Ike Group considers this attribution system a continually growing resource.  Expect to see additions to the complete listing be added frequently at future dates.


Options for DIVa™ Submission

DIVa™ Attribution
This applies to attribution of a coin in one of 4 specific Third Party Grading brand holders by an Ike Group DIVa™ expert, placement of a DIVa™ sticker on the holder, and placement of the coin’s certification number in a DIVa™ catalogue database.  Only coins in ANACS, ICG, NGC, or PCGS holders will be accepted for formal DIVa™ attribution. The DIVa™ catalogue database (with attributed certification numbers) will be maintained and periodically published to the Ike Group website for public verification.  Coins failing to meet DIVa™ attribution standards will be fully subject to the DIVa™ attribution fee – no refund will be offered.

There are a two possibilities  for the re-sticker option.  They are:

  1. Coins previously stickered  that are in the DIVa™ catalogue database and had the sticker removed, regardless of reason
  2. Coins still bearing an old-style red sticker that you wish to receive a new attribution sticker and placed in the new DIVa™ catalogue database

Raw Qualification
Raw coins cannot receive an attribution sticker or be placed in the DIVa™ catalogue database.  The qualification fee is for an attributor to evaluate your raw coin and confirm whether it would qualify for a DIVa™ attribution, if the coin were to be in a TPG holder.  The owner will be notified of the qualification.  If a “qualified” raw coin is submitted by the owner to a TPG company and is holdered, the coin would be then need to be subject to full DIVa™ attribution fee and submission for formal DIVa™ attribution, stickering, and placement in the DIVa™ catalogue database.


How to submit your Eisenhower dollars for DIVa™ attribution

For DIVa™ attribution of your Eisenhower dollars, please use the DIVa™ Submission Form by printing it out and sending it along with your coins to any of the Ike Group member addresses listed on the submission form.  To download and print the submission form, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat.  Please include your payment with the submission form and coins.

Payment options are business check, money order, or personal check.  Please allow time for all checks to clear prior to start of attribution.

Once your coins are received by the Ike Group member you have chosen, please allow approximately 5 – 10 business days for completion of attribution services (potentially longer if waiting for checks to clear).  You coins will be processed in a timely manner and returned to you via USPS registered mail, with insurance value according to your specified coin values.

The Ike Group will populate it’s DIVa™ population charts with the TPG holder’s serial number and grade for reference via the Ike Group website for all qualifying DIVa’s.

The Ike Group