1976 Ty1 and Ty2 Ikes




These five pairs of photographs depict the five distinct markers for TYPE 1 and TYPE 2.

In order from top to bottom:

  • T1 has a skinnier R with a peg leg  –  T2 has a fatter and Serif-footed R
  • T1 skinnier E, upper arms end square  –  T2 fatter, arms end slanted
  • T1 broad letters, no serifs, R’s legs almost meet, straight right leg
  • T2 skinnier letters, serifs, R’s legs separated, curved right leg
  • T1 has first “U” of PLURIBUS over first “U” of UNUM  –  T2 does not
  • T1 bottom left of S higher than bottom arm of E  –  T2 same height

The reason to become familiar with all of these markers?  Older dies and a common form of hub doubling can create wider letters and make a T2 reverse look a bit like a T1 reverse.

The “U over U” of the TYPE 1 is the most definitive marker.

For the record, the TYPE 2 obverse relief was lowered and its reverse relief was increased.

There are no known mules.  The SB and SP are TYPE 1 while the CP comes in both TYPE 1 and TYPE 2.

The mintages of the CB Bicentennial Ikes in rough numbers:

TYPE 1                    TYPE 2

Philly         4,000,000           113,000,000

Denver     21,000,000             82,000,000

All four are plagued with annealing marks (chatter):  the Denver T2 is the highest quality CuNi-clad Ike.