"Summer of 2009 Ike RPM Research".  By Brian Vaile

In the early part of 2009, I was made aware of an Ike RPM other than the 71-S/S that is featured in the CherryPicker's Guide.  This "New" Ike RPM was attributed as a 1971-D/D WRPM-001 and was discovered by Tom K.  This raised a big question in my head:  Why are there multiple RPM's in other series, but not in Ikes?  To me, that seemed unreasonable.  Since I teach and have the Summers off, I decided to embark on a massive RPM search operation during the upcoming Summer.

Armed with a reading lamp and a older model stereo micro-scope I had picked up as a floor-model special discount at the end of a FUN show years back, I sat at a table for 2 months looking at every mint-marked Ike I could get my hands on.  After all the dust had settled, we had the following "New" RPM Ikes to add to the  list:
1971-D/D WRPM-002 RDV-006
1971-D/D WRPM-003 RDV-006
1973-D/D WRPM-001
1973-D/D WRPM-002
1974-D/D WRPM-002
1976-D/D Type 1 WRPM-001

I sent these (and many other RPM hopefuls) to
the RPM "expert," John Bordner.  He was very helpful in not only attributing these RPM's, but also educating me on things that could cause mint-marks to "look" like RPM's.  Things such as distorted doubling, deterioration doubling, ejection die doubling and MDD can all produce mint-marks that look very much like RPM's.

These RPM's were hardly just dropping out of thin air.  Literally thousands of Ikes were gone through that Summer.  Yet, only a handful of examples of each RPM were found.  A few months later, another RPM surfaced, another 71-D/D popped up that didn't match any of the previous (3) and is now designated as the 71-D/D WRPM-004. 

All of these "New" Ike RPM discoveries still leave us with a few questions:  Why are there no RPM's for 1972?  Other than the 71-S/S WRPM-001, why are there no other RPM "Blue" Ikes?   Why do RPM's seem to cease to exist in Ikes from 1976 through 1978?  Clearly, still more research needs to be done in these areas.  What will be the next "New" Ike RPM and who will discover it?http://mail.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/tsmileys2/33.gif

Happy Hunting!
Brian Vaile

                                                      IDDD RPM

1971-D/D WRPM-001----------------------9 Coins-R-8

1971-D/D WRPM-002 RDV-006--------9 Coins-R-8

1971-D/D WRPM-003 RDV-006-------10 Coins-R-8

1971 D/D WRPM-004----------------------3 Coins-R-9 New

1971-S/S ID-RPM-001 Sil BS FS-501-171 Coins-R-5

1973-D/D WRPM-001----------------------6 Coins-R-8

1973-D/D WRPM-002----------------------3 Coins-R-9

1974-D/D WRPM-001----------------------4 Coins-R-9

1974-D/D WRPM-002----------------------1 Coin-R-10 

1974-S/S WRPM-001 CN Proof---------    Delisted

1974-S/S WRPM-002 Silver Proof-------   Delisted

1976-D/D Type 1 WRPM-001----------10 Coins-R-8