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The Clad Grade MS-67 Barrier has been Broken!

Congratulations to Ike Group member Troy Weaver for breaking the MS-67 grade barrier for a business strike clad-Ike dollar. He did so with a 1974-D Ike dollar ex: Sego, ex PCGS MS-65!!! (NO KIDDING).

Earlier this year Charles wrote about the importance of the PLUS GRADE, saying that this is where the action is. If you take the time to KNOW YOUR COINS and KNOW YOUR GRADES you will find opportunities to carve out a little extra profit and registry set score by creating your own premium coins if they earn plusses or upgrade.

But what Troy pulled off at the Chicago ANA speaks to a whole different level of Ike dollar mastery:

1971-P MS-66

1971-D MS-67 (PEG LEG, HAIRLIP, TALON HEAD) – pulled from a mint bag

1974-P MS-66+ (TOP POP, POP 1)

1974-D MS-67+ (TOP POP, POP 1)

We’ve talked recently about grade inflation. It’s frustrating when the coins aren’t all there- and they get grades we feel that we wouldn’t get ourselves (we submit Ikes all the time, we’d know) – but Weaver’s pieces are all there…

Clearly, the secret of getting the grades is all about one’s pants…  Who are we to questions an Ike Master?

So congrats to Troy and happy hunting.

And remember, when we say something about the Ike Market- you can take it to the bank (and hopefully put it in your bank deposit box).

- Charles

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